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FedEx Office announced the expansion of its managed parcel and print services

PLANO, Texas — August 9, 2016 — FedEx Office, a world-class commercial print provider, announced today the expansion of its managed parcel and  print services designed to serve the unique shipping and printing needs of university communities including faculty, staff, students and parents.  FedEx Office has designed a kit of solutions that are flexible and scalable, allowing each university to implement services on campus that meet their specific needs while creating an adaptable cost model that helps save time, labor and overhead by freeing up resources and avoiding fixed costs associated with large scale printing and increasing e-Commerce parcel volumes.

Universities utilizing managed parcel and print services, a part FedEx Office’s site specific logistics solutions, gain access to FedEx Office’s extensive printing, parcel management and distribution networks. Whether their needs include signs and posters, presentations and manuals, or day-to-day printing, customers can count on state-of-the-art equipment and production services from the printing experts at FedEx Office.  Likewise, FedEx Office brings logistics expertise to serve the needs of universities, students and parents in moving in, packing up and moving out and accessing packages throughout the school year, whether they come from home or e-Commerce purchases. In addition, FedEx Ship&Get self-service lockers support the unique shipping and delivery needs of a university campus by allowing packages to be conveniently picked up or dropped off 24/7.

“Printing and shipping are essential services on university campuses, needed daily by students, administrators and faculty. As each campus environment has its own set of challenges and needs, it’s critical to provide tailored solutions that help universities manage the ebbs and flows of printing and package volumes, so that faculty and students get exactly what they need, when and where they need it,” said Aimee DiCicco, senior vice president of sales for FedEx Office. “Our managed parcel and print services help universities avoid costs such as long-term equipment leases and expensive technology upgrades.”

Through its unique, flexible solutions, FedEx Office serves colleges and universities across the United States, including Case Western Reserve University, Oklahoma State University, Tulane University, Washington University in St. Louis and Wayne State University.

Source: FedEx


    • Supply Chain RISK + COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT – What it really means to MANUFACTURERS?
    • Transforming the Supply Chain with National and Global STANDARDS to manage RISK and COMPLIANCE.
    • Best Practices Case Studies + Use Cases in Supply Chain Risk + Compliance Management.
    • Securing the Supply Chain ECO-SYSTEM and the role and responsibilities of the STAKEHOLDERS;
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        • Cargo Safety & Security - Explore how telematics is used for combating hijackings, thefts and robberies
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        • Fleet Performance and Fuel Efficiency - The impact of telematics and fleet management technology on insurance
        • Cold Chain Management - temperature-controlled supply chain: 
        • Life Sciences: Clinical Trials - Hospitals and Blood - Pharmaceuticals - Vaccines, 
        • Fresh and Processed Food - Produce - Seafood - Meat and Poultry - Dairy - Floral
      • Technology Solutions for Warehouse Safety & Security
        • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) - An Integrated Approach to Warehouse Security for simplifying the command and control - at-a-glance snapshot of all operations, enhancing their situational awareness and increasing their ability to react to any security infringements within the warehouse environment - Witness how a PSIM platform that seamlessly brings together otherwise disparate solutions - Access Control, CCTV, RFID, Intruder detection and Fire systems.
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